Listen as Samantha Lane shares how to achieve work-life balance without compromising productivity.


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Meet Our Guest

Samantha Lane
Time Management Consultant
Origami Day

Samantha Lane is a time management guru, with past work in public relations, higher education, and wellness. In 2014, she experienced a life-changing surgery that shifted her perspective on life. After years of juggling full-time careers and passion-based side-hustles, Samantha started Origami Day to help others bring balance to their busy lives. Samantha holds a BS degree in Public Relations from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from King University. When she is not helping others make the most of their time, Samantha spends her days enjoying life with her loved ones.

Episode Highlights – Work-Life Balance

  • How would you encourage a workaholic to switch their mindset to start being okay with saying ‘no’ in order to create a balance?
  • If someone is struggling with work-life balance, what are a few things you would recommend for them to do?
  • What role does goal-setting play in maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
  • When planning how big or small should someone set goals? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly?

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